Friday, September 13, 2013

Version 1.1.0 Released

Support for iPhone 

New icons 

Eliminate stutter in movement of pieces in puzzles with a large number of pieces. 

Shadows of puzzle pieces are now proportional to their size, making them visible in puzzles with few pieces. 

Added shadow to tool icons that can be dragged. 

For iPhone only: disable arrow icons and enable swipe gestures to change puzzles even after the puzzle has started. For iPad, swipe gesture to change pictures works only before the puzzle has started. 

Move score from the solution palette to either next to the toolbar or at the bottom, depending upon space constraints. 

Added startup help animation that occurs if there is no activity before a puzzle is started. 

New long press functionality: long press ON a piece to find pieces of similar color, long press NEXT TO a piece to find pieces whose edge shape is similar. 

Added new pinch gesture functionality. Previously, if a palette were pinched to reduce its size, if it was reduced to 1/2 or less its previous size, it would be come transparent, and all pieces would be merged into another palette if that other palette completely enclosed it. To complement this feature, pinching out (zooming bigger) will do a sort of inverse. When zooming a palette bigger, after it grows to more than twice its size, it becomes transparent. If the fingers are then released, ALL palettes completely enclosed by the transparent one will be absorbed by the transparent one. This allows for combining many palettes into a single palette.

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